Which fitness app actually makes your goals:





Nceno does all that.

  • Group challenges, your rules.
  • Log workouts for instant payouts.
  • Miss a workout and it will cost you.
  • Make money when others miss.

Payouts for progress,
accountability for failure.

Nceno lets you make money as you make progress towards your goal. Set or join a challenge and invite your friends. You make the rules, Nceno holds everyone to it.

Nceno X: group challenges

  • Loss-aversion driven: having something on the line helps you succeed
  • Motivate yourself with rewards + accountability
  • Moderate level of risk - that you are still in full control of
  • Form a new workout habit or monetize your existing workout habit

Nceno Self: solo challenge

  • Make a promise to yourself
  • Incremental payouts for incremental change
  • No risk. Your cash can only ever go back to you. Each workout unlocks a %.

Nceno Sponsor: support someone

  • Like a go-fund-me for someone's fitness journey.
  • A group of family or friends sponsors the reward payout for a single loved one.
  • Each payout is automatic each time the sponsee exercises.
  • No risk. Your cash can only ever go back to the person you sponsor.

Nceno for Brands & Corp

  • Purely rewards driven
  • Zero risk. Earn-at-will.
  • Work out and receive tokens
  • Redeem tokens for rewards/benefits from brands or corporations
  • Connect with your favorite brands online and offline

Nceno works with any activity that gets your heart rate up. All you need is a wearable that can sync workouts to Strava.

Also offering

Enterprise solutions

Nceno isn't just for individuals. Companies, brands, and influencers are all using Nceno to decrease risk, increase retention, and strengthen engagement.

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Corporate Wellness
  • Motivate and de-risk your employees
  • Increase engagement and retention
  • Custom token and user analytics included
  • Free setup and training
Starting Price
NT$3400 per employee*
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Brand Loyalty
  • Capture value from your customers' workouts
  • Integrate Nceno into your complementary business model
  • Custom token and user analytics included
Starting Price
NT$32000 per year*

Plenty of companies already trust Nceno to give them results

Common questions

Why blockchain?

Blockchain makes transfers secure by using something called “smart contracts” to hold the tokens, only releasing them when certain conditions are met (like when you record a workout that is consistent with your challenge). Blockchain also allows you to have an uncounterfeitable record of your progress!

Which wearables are compatible with Nceno?

Any wearable that can send data to Strava will be compatible with Nceno. We know that smart watches and wrist straps are the most popular. But chest strap heart rate monitors are the cheapest and most reliable. Wrist straps have a tendency to cut out during intense segments. See our recommended pairings on the instructions page.

How many challenges can I be in at the same time?

You may set and join as many challenges as you like, all at the same time. You may also “multi-spend” your workouts (i.e. work out once, and then log it in all of the challenges that you are currently in.) You may not combine multiple, separate workouts to form a single one though. Also note that you may only register one wearable to Nceno and your wallet at a time.

What constitutes a “workout”?

A workout is a continuous span of time for which you are moving or your average heart rate is measured to be above a threshold. For group challenges, that threshold is 100bpm, and the challenge creator sets the time duration. In the future, we will allow custom heart rate zones of higher intensity. For branded challenges, the challenge creator can choose from a range of sensor data including: steps, GPS, accelerometer, heart rate, or a combination of them to determine to what extent a user is exerting themselves.

If I finish an Nceno X group challenge at 100%, what’s the average profit I can expect?

Oh, so you’re either super motivated, or super disciplined, eh? ;) If you are 100% adherent to your challenge, then on average, our statistics show that you may make around a 35% profit on top of your buy-in, though it might even be more or less. If you want to see how we arrive at this number, check out our whitepaper coming soon.

Where’s the iPhone/Android app?

Right now, our Web app does most things just fine. In the near future though, we will be developing the mobile version packed with more features! Stay tuned.

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