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Alechemist challenge

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The challenge
Feb 1 - Feb 29
30 km @4 ACT/km
Grand prize:
First to log 30km gets a lunch date with the boss!
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Turn your Km's into beer! Log your workouts with Nceno to get Alechemist tokens (ACT) redeemable for food or drink at any Alechemist location. Limited tokens available to claim, so get out there and workout for a payout before they're all gone!

Joe, you're 87% finished!
There are still 17 days left.
You have earned 27 ACT tokens,
but there are still 129 ACT up for grabs.
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Leaderboard: 6 players

inez +13 ACT / 14km


joe +27 ACT / 21km


codymglis +4 ACT / 3km


tori.huang +65 ACT / 25km


winnham +42 ACT / 20km


winningham03 +19 ACT / 12km

You have 42 ACT tokens.
Use them to buy any of these items.
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New order #0x4cb123 from rogerliu:
Tana Ale, 450 ACT
The order you requested:
order # name item cost date
order # name item price (ACT) date
0x1ad0ff casey.huang6 Valencia Ale 720 Dec 21, 9:45pm
0xacf993 jeffzhao2 Hefty Red 95 Dec 21, 9:47pm
0xccff00 joe Pale Jade 950 Dec 22, 5:34pm
0x3d11a5 codyg3354 Koshi Light 750 Dec 22, 6:03pm
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