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Increase your sales and reach by letting your customers exchange their workouts for points redeemable for rewards, rebates, and coupons at your store.

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Exceed your customers' expectations


increase in customer enjoyment when gamification is added to loyalty programs


of consumers expect brands to contribute to their well-being and quality of life


of customers want to interact with brands via emerging technologies

References: Havas Group, 2017; Bond Brand Loyalty, 2018;
Bond Brand Loyalty, 2019

Engage and nurture

Show your customers
you care

As customers get healthier while simultaneously earning rewards at your shop, you're showing them that you see them as more than just a consumer.

Social connection

Build a lasting

Every Nceno challenge has its own leaderboard and private chat room for participants with push messaging for brands, making your sale feel like more than just another promotion


Track what matters

As the brand admin, you will have your own data dashboard to track over 40 different metrics related to your customers and cost/profit performance.

How it works

1. Host a challenge

Customize the earn rate for your coins and choose the prizes you will make available for "purchase" in the app.

2. Give out invite codes

Set a minimum purchase your customers have to make, in order to get a unique invite code to the challenge.

3. Track what matters

Monitor over 40 cost/profit metrics in your Nceno data dashboard as your customers earn your coins by logging workouts in the challenge.

4. Settle purchases

Customers get a unique QR code in the app that you scan to complete any prize purchase.

1. Decide your offers

Coupons? rebates? Freebies? Something else? You decide what, how many, and any other terms.

2. Send to Nceno

Nceno will generate unique coupon codes for each offer and list them in our app for all users to see and earn using Nceno's NCN coin.

3. Track what matters

Nceno sends you weekly cost/profit analysis of the promo as users workout to earn your offer in our app and redeem it at your store.

4. Settle purchases

Customers get a unique QR code in the app that you will scan to complete the offer redemption.

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