Fitness challenges for the whole office

Let your employees earn points for their fitness progress that they can spend on workplace perks and other prizes. Track progress and get valuable insights with the data dashboard

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Employee wellness pays for itself


The cost of low productivity due to poor employee health is at least 2 to 3 times greater than direct health care expenses.

Hayes & Booker, 2017

ROI on corporate wellness programs. i.e. Every company $1 invested in the intervention yields $6 in health care savings.

Raddwell Group, 2016
Nurture and Engage

Show your employees you care

As employees get healthier while simultaneously earning rewards and perks, you're showing them that you see them as more than just a worker.

Social connection

Bring your employees together

Every Nceno challenge has its own leaderboard and private chat room for participants with push-messaging functions for admins, facilitating your intra-team and inter-team communication


Track what matters

As the admin, you will have your own data dashboard to track over 40 different metrics related to your employees exercise behavior and cost/benefit of the program.

How it works

1. Host a challenge

Customize the exercise goal and coin earn rate for your employees and choose the prizes you will make available for "purchase" in the app.

2. Track what matters

Monitor over 40 cost/benefit metrics in your Nceno data dashboard as your employees earn your coins by logging workouts in the challenge.

3. Release the rewards

Employees get a unique QR code in the app that you scan to complete any prize "purchase".

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