Getting started with Nceno

Quick start

  • Make sure that whatever app you use to record workouts can share them to Strava with HR data included. Here is an incomplete list of compatible apps.
  • Make a Portis account and remember the password!

Mode-specific instructions

Group challenges:

  • Nceno accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit/Debit cards via Stripe. Make sure Stripe is valid to use in your country.
  • Browse for a challenge to join or host one yourself and invite people
  • Record your workout and verify that it appears on strava. Sign in on Nceno and accept all permissions.
  • make sure your avg HR was above 100bpm (see this in strava)
  • Manage > challenge ID > week # > “log”
  • If you meet the quota in a given week, you can claim the “lost stake” from others who slacked off that same week once the week ends. This money will be added to your stake.
  • Manage > challenge ID > week # > “claim”
  • At the end of a challenge, you will be refunded all of your remaining stake (including your claim bonus).

Points-only challenges:

  • Use your invite code to join the branded challenge at
  • Record your workout and verify that it appears on strava. Sign in on Nceno and accept all permissions.
  • make sure your workout has GPS data.
  • To log your workout for points/tokens: Workout > “log”
  • To redeem the tokens for items: Spend > “buy”
  • Unused tokens remain valid and stay in your wallet.

Watch instead of read...

Group challenge rules

Set the parameters for your challenge: duration in weeks, weekly workout quota, mins per workout, avg cost of a missed workout. Nceno will hold onto everyone’s cash while they meet the weekly quotas set forth by the goal parameters.

Record the workouts throughout the week. Meet the quota and you’re safe. Fall short and part of your cash is sent to the people who met the quota. You will receive token payouts for every workout you log. Continue until you go broke.


  1. Every week, if you meet the quota, the following week you can claim that cash lost by others as a bonus. This profit is still at stake, it can be deducted if you miss the quota.
  2. Avg HR must be >99bpm to count. You can log multiple workouts the same day if the start times are at least 4 hours apart, but you MUST log the workout on the same day you complete it or else it won't count.
  3. You will receive a token reward for your workout based on the degree to which you exceeded the challenge parameters. However, it does not affect your stake security/payout/challenge standing.
  4. As long as you are in the challenge, you still have chances to regain any losses by claiming bonuses from the others. If you run out of "lives", you will be out of the challenge and no longer able to log workouts or claim from others.
  5. At the end of a challenge, your remaining stake is returned to your wallet.

Points-only challenge rules

A host (usually a brand or business) will host a challenge with the parameters: start/end, distance in km, tokens per km, and total tokens. Once the challenge starts, you can log your workouts to start getting tokens. Make sure to follow the quickstart guide.


  1. You may only log one workout per day, so make sure it counts!
  2. There may or may not be enough tokens for everyone in the challenge, so work hard to get your workouts in.
  3. Brands may or may not offer extra perks or rewards for first or top finishers. Read their own rules on the challenge page:
  4. Since points-only challenges only use GPS data, there is a higher potential for cheating. Thus, Nceno only accepts runs where the average speed is less than 20km/hr and total time greater than 20mins.


Remember your passwords!

  • If you lose your Portis password, there is no way to recover it. 

Recommended wearable/app pairs

  • Chest strap heart rate monitors are the cheapest and most reliable. Wrist straps have a tendancy to cut out during intense segments. However, we know our users have wrist straps. So here's what we recommend if you don't want to use a chest strap:
  • iOS: xiaomi mi band 3 or 4 + wahoo fitness; Apple Watch + Strava; fitbit + fitbit app
  • Android: xiaomi mi band 3 or 4 + "notify and fitness"; Chest strap + wahoo fitness; fitbit + fitbit app

Pausing during a workout lowers the avg HR.

  • You're better off just letting the clock run while you take care of the interruption than pausing.

Verify and log workouts right after you do them.

  • Remember, you must log the same day you do the workout for it to count. And for points-only challenges, you can only log once per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this gambling?

Absolutely not. You are the only deciding factor of your own success in the challenge you join or create. There is no element of randomness that determines whether or not you recive your money back.

Is this competition? What if everyone else is better than me?

Nceno is not competition. In fact, so long as you complete the workouts you set or agree to, the worst that can happen is that you earn all of your money back, even if everyone else in your challenge also completed all of them or more.

Why Strava?

Nceno uses Strava as an oracle because almost any wearable fitness tracker can be connected to it. It is also one of the most secure platforms when it comes to storing and accessing your data. When you log a workout, Nceno’s smart contracts communicate with Strava to determine if you get a payout. Strava also has lots of cool features that allow our users to interact with each other.

Can I use a different wallet?

In the future, we may decide to allow other wallets, but for the time being, we will be requiring Portis because of its excellent user experience for all levels of blockchain users and low barrier to entry.

How many people can join a single challenge?

Currently, the cap is 10 users per challenge. We may increase this in the future.

What happens if I set a challenge and nobody joins?

If you set a challenge that nobody joins, it will still start and end as planned. You may not cancel or leave a challenge once you deposit stake. If nobody joins, you may reconsider the parameters you chose. See “Should I play it safe by setting an easy challenge?”. When the challenge starts, you should still log workouts to get your stake returned to you, but there will be no profit that you can make since nobody else is there to fail, and you cannot claim your own lost stake.

How many challenges can I be in at the same time?

You may set and join as many challenges as you like, all at the same time, since you must pay the buy-in for each. You may also “double spend” your workouts (i.e. workout once, and then log it in all of the challenges that you are a member of.) You may not combine multiple workouts to form a single one though. Also note that you may only register one wearable to your wallet at a time.

Can I set a challenge as private?

In the future, we will set this as an option, but currently, you cannot.

Should I play it safe, and set an easy challenge?

If you set a challenge that is “safe”, the result may be either a) people join, but everyone completes all of the workouts resulting in no reward for anyone. Or b) other people already realize a) and don’t join, leaving you to complete the challenge by yourself and still not getting a reward. Thus, to maximize your potential payout, you should only set or join challenges which you consider challenging.

What constitutes a 'workout'?

A workout is a continuous span of time for which you are moving and your average heart rate is measured to be above a threshold. Currently, that threshold is 125bpm, and the challenge creator sets the time duration. In the future, we will allow custom heart rate zones as well. Nceno uses a combination of sensor data including: steps, GPS, accelerometer, and heart rate to determine to what extent a user is exerting themselves. Nceno uses average heart rate so that it is possible to take resting periods without splitting the workout into multiple segments.

Can I track a workout using Nceno?

Nceno is not a fitness tracking app. It is a platform for hosting, and managing group fitness challenges for a payout. Nceno uses Strava to check workout data, which in turn uses other apps and wearables.

I worked out, but Nceno didn't pay me.. What gives?

Nceno does not use humans to verify workouts, so the problem may be one of 3 things: 1) the transaction was not successful (check the transaction on (fast) or email (slow)), 2) your wearable was not configured with Strava properly, or 3) Your workout did not meet the minimum parameters set in the challenge.

How does Nceno protect against cheating?

Nceno uses a combination of sensor data including: steps, GPS, accelerometer, and heart rate to determine to what extent a user is exerting themselves. Thus, it is not possible to shake your wearable to log a “walk”, or artificially elevate your heart rate and sit in the corner to log an “HIIT” session. This does not rule out the scenario that someone has their friend do the workout for them, but that would be similar to the case where a real athlete joins your challenge. Realize that even if someone does this, they only stand to win their own stake, as long as you do all of your workouts. Finally, Nceno has a strict no-cheating policy. If any users are found to be conspiring to gain an unfair advantage against other users in the same challenge, their stake will be frozen and redistributed to the victims. Also see: “What constitutes a workout?”.

Do I earn more if I exceed the challenge?

You do not earn extra money if you exceed any combination of the challenge parameters. If you log multiple workouts in a day, only the first one that qualifies will earn you a payout.

When can I claim lost stake?

You may only claim lost stake from the previous week. This is so that everyone has the freedom to schedule their workout days whenever they want during the week.

What if nobody missed a workout?"

If there is no lost stake during a week or during a challenge, the best that everyone can do is to just earn their stake back. If you frequently encounter this situation, you may want to consider only joining or creating challenges with “interesting” parameters. See “Should I play it safe by setting an easy challenge?”.

Suppose I do all of the workouts in a challenge. What’s the average profit I can expect?

Oh, so you’re either super motivated, or super disciplined, eh? ;) If you are 100% adherent to your challenge, then on average, our statistics show that you will make around a 15% profit on top of your buy-in, though it might even be more! If you want to see how we arrive at this number, check out our whitepaper.

Where’s the iPhone/Android app?

Right now, there’s no real need for a mobile version of Nceno. In the near future though, we will be developing the mobile version packed with more features! Stay tuned…