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Whether you just need a way to distribute your coupons and offers, or you want to use all of the marketing innovations Nceno has to offer, we have a package to fit your needs.

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Common questions

How does billing work?

We only make money when you do… For coupons, we will bill you once per month only for the coupons that were actually redeemed. Full details are in the contract you will sign when you submit your offers to Nceno. For challenges, we will also bill you once per month only for the invite codes that were used. Billing happens monthly on the 20th of each month. Nceno will issue an invoice detailing the charges. Payment is due on the 15th of the following month.

I don’t want to give stuff out for free…
How can I make sure this is actually working?

For branded challenges, the easiest way is to set a “minimum purchase” to receive an invite code, that is x% above your normal purchase amount per customer so that you are encouraging customers to spend more than they normally would. This is just one of many ways. In the Nceno dashboard, you can track the real cost of giving prizes vs the extra revenue generated by the promotion.

Do I have to install anything?

As an admin, you only have to install the mobile app to use the Nceno QR code scanner for completing purchases. There is nothing to install for the data dashboard, as it runs in the web browser; accessible from any desktop or tablet.

How are workouts verified?

Nceno uses a combination of IoT and AI to verify workouts and make sure that nobody can cheat (i.e. shaking a phone, riding in a car, etc.) We use Strava’s tools to help analyze heart rate and GPS data as well.

Can I have multiple admins?

Yes! In a store with many employees, you may need more than one person to complete purchases. Nceno can accommodate multiple admins for a single brand, even at the same time.

What insights about my business can
the dashboard provide?

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