Exercise goals...
easy to set, hard to keep.

Nceno makes your
effort worth it!

Efforts rewarded

Redeem workouts for real prizes

Nceno partners with local brands to host challenges with real incentives for you to better your fitness habits. Get points for workouts you log in the app that you can spend on real prizes.


It’s more fun when you
do it together

Make a profile, chat with others in the challenge, see your ranking against everyone on the challenge leaderboard

Freedom of choice

Any activity works

Nceno doesn’t care how or where you’re working out, so long as you can record either heart rate, GPS, or both. Indoor exercisers rejoice!

How it works

1. Join a challenge

Local brands host their own challenges that you can join to earn prizes at their shops

2. Log a workout

Connect your Strava account to Nceno and record an activity. Any activity works as long as it has GPS or heart rate

3. Collect points

“Double-spend” a single workout across multiple challenges to get rewards faster!

4. Exchange for a prize

Browse the challenge's prize store in the app and get a QR code instantly to redeem for the prize at the shop.

Pre-launch offer

Nceno launches this June on Android and iOS. We’re giving a bonus to anyone who creates their account before the launch!